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Viano tuincentrumapp

Mobile app for fertilizer company Viano

Novation made a mobile application for fertilizer company Viano.

Why a mobile application?
Viano sells her products mainly through garden centers and regularly hands out discount coupons. Until recently only paper coupons were distributed. This process was quite time consuming because the end customer physically had to move to the garden center where he had bought his product with the paper discount coupon and ticket in hand. The processing was time consuming as well. That is why we asked ourself the question: “How can we speed up this process?”. The answer: “A mobile application can offer help.”

How does this application work?
A CMS (Content Management System) lets the Viano brands, garden centers and Viano herself add products and discount coupons. These are displayed in the mobile application that the customer can install on his smartphone. The app is made for iOS and Android. The customer can choose a garden center on his device, select a coupon, take a picture of his ticket and fill out his personal information.
The app sends this information to the CMS, which can be approved or refused. To trace double requests an OCR system was provided. This system tries to read every character on the picture. If a ticket that holds about the same information is found, then this is displayed in the CMS.
Furthermore, an EAN-13 code can be added to each discount coupon, for which a barcode is automatically generated and displayed in the app. The functionality of this app is comparable to that of myShopi.

Result of this solution?
The threshold is much lower for the end customer to interchange a discount coupon and the processing is much more fluent.
Try it yourself. Download the app from the Apple app store or Google play.
This project was realized in cooperation with communications agency Comith.