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Mobile app for partygoers and organizers

Novation made a new award winning mobile application, 'iParty' for client Phil Bass. Our client approached us with the following request: “We want a mobile application which lets visitors quickly search through all parties in the neighborhood and far beyond. The organizers and nightclubs have to be able to register and promote their events in the mobile app as well.” Novation was asked to deliver the full technical execution of this concept. The app makes use of a management tool in which all organizers and parties are stored. The mobile app is available in both the Apple appstore (iOS) and the Google Play store (Android).

Via the app you can search through every event by means of several filter criteria. For instance, you can search by date, city and genre or request all of the events that are happening right now in your neighborhood based on geolocation. You can also “follow” organizers so you are updated when an organizer adds new events.
An organizer can register online and add events in the backend that are then displayed in the app. The organizer can set a title, promotion picture, different stages, rooms, artists and ticket prices. Furthermore, he can add a link to the ticketscript, which enables the app user to buy his tickets online.
In the backend the administrator can add taxi companies that are offered to the user of the iParty mobile app. Even more, the administrator can request an overview of every app users and organizers that are enrolled.
See the app in full action in the video below: